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The Onomatopoeia Theatre Company


Dracula: Bloodlines

by Thomas R. Gordon




Aug. 22nd - Sept. 8th


The Gene Frankel Theatre

24 Bond Street, New York, NY 10012



An Exciting Exploration of Dreams and Reality


It was Jonathan Harker, with the help of Abraham Van Helsing, who succeeded in finally ending the evil of Count Dracula, Lord of the Vampires, back in 1893. Now, one hundred and twenty years later, citizens of New York City have started having recurring dreams involving vampires, causing rumor of a new and spreading darkness. Meanwhile, powerful forces are struggling for the soul of a man named Morris Harker, the great-great grandson of the man who supposedly defeated the immortal vampire all those years ago...





Xavier Balaur / Count Dracula – Martin Meccouri
Nona Parcae – MaryBeth Schroeder
Decima Parcae – Sara Hymes
Morta Parcae – Mallory Campbell
Morris Harker – Brian Henderson
Ellen Chandler – Mieke Stapelberg
Eric LaCroix – Sam Deas
Lisa Schwarz – Christina Helmer
Alexander Van Helsing – Patrick Marran


Writer / Director - Thomas R. Gordon
Production Manager - Tasha Partee
Assistant Stage Manager – Samantha Ryel
Costume Designer - Charlotte Gaspard
Set Designer - Zach Serafin



Dracula: Bloodlines poster art: Notre Dame Catherdral - Gargoyle

Dracula: Bloodlines photos taken by:  Peter Zeilinski